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Mapo bean curd is a unique Sichuan flavor, really spicy and delicious, and is super for cooking. It has unique taste and smooth mouthfeel, and also wants to eat after eating. 麻婆豆腐 豆腐1块郫县豆瓣1勺老干妈豆豉1勺姜末适量蒜末适量花椒粉适量葱花适量 1. 豆腐切块、放入锅中焯水捞出。2. 锅中倒入适量油、下入姜蒜末炒香。3. 下入郫县豆瓣酱炒香。4. 下入老干妈豆豉炒香。5. 掺少许水。6. 少许盐。7. 少许生抽。8. 下入豆腐煮至汤汁浓稠即可。9. 起锅装盘撒一层花椒粉、就是需要这层麻、葱花即可。10. 麻辣鲜香、超级下饭~
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